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NAFSA 2021 Conference & Expo: A Meeting of International Educators

NAFSA: Association of International Educators, the world’s largest association dedicated to international education and exchange, is holding its 2021 Annual Conference & Expo from June 1 to 4.

The online event will bring together thousands of international education professionals from across all aspects of the field, and will offer attendees opportunities to connect with peers, learn new strategies and sharpen their skills.

Like last year’s event, the NAFSA 2021 Annual Conference & Expo will be held online due to Covid-19, but it still offers a great alternative for meeting and exchanging ideas with like-minded professionals, all from home and on your own time.

“Designing our Shared Future” is the focus of this year’s conference, which focuses on how international educators can design new ways to engage with the global community and respond to the needs of the next generation. The conference offers nearly 100 online sessions, workshops and roundtables with thought leaders in the field. You can preview all conference events here to start planning your own schedule.

Lessons Learned

Many of this year’s sessions and workshops deal with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on international education, and how institutions and educators can maintain and improve their internationalization efforts going forward while the long-term consequences of the pandemic are still unclear. You’ll find sessions that deal with topics like:

  • Can internationalization efforts continue without international travel?
  • Lessons learned by four U.S. universities in helping students who were stranded by Covid-19 travel disruptions.
  • Hybrid approaches to predeparture orientations: How to maximize their effectiveness and reach more students in more countries.
  • How patterns in international student mobility have changed, and how international educators can weather this turbulence and advance their goals.
  • Why and how institutions should invest in virtual exchange as an ongoing component of their internationalization strategies.
  • Model practices some institutions used in their responses to Covid-19. (Participants in this workshop will receive the publication NAFSA’s Toolkit for Managing in Times of Global Uncertainty.)
  • Insights into key considerations for sustaining the health, wellness, and a sense of security of globally mobile students and faculty before, during, and after a crisis.

Other panels address specific issues regarding technology and digital strategies in international education, and issues related to personal identity, including race, nationality, gender, disability, and sexual identity.

Online Expo

The NAFSA 2021 International Education Expo is also taking place in an interactive, online format this year. Here participants will be able to earn about the programs, products and services available to international educators, and discover the latest in technology and tools designed to meet their needs. The expo’s schedule and a list of exhibitors are available here.

Register Today

Registration is now open for the NAFSA 2021 Annual Conference & Expo. Click here to register today!

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