AMIDEAST—The Hope Fund Program

Type: Bachelor’s (Undergraduate)

Who: Palestinians with demonstrated financial need from the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Jordan, and Lebanon.

What: Scholarship assistance is based on need, and consists of a combination of financial aid from US colleges and universities, payment of test fees, travel and visa expenses and other supplements. Financial need must be documented by completion of a financial aid form, bank information, wage statements, etc.

When: Every year

Where: Partner colleges and universities in the United States

Program Length: 4 years undergraduate study

Deadline to Apply: Varies by country. Please check the Hope Fund section of the AMIDEAST website.

Citizenship: Palestine

Destination Countries: USA

Academic Subject(s): All Subjects

The Hope Fund provides talented, underserved Palestinian youth who possess leadership potential with an opportunity to pursue an undergraduate degree at an American or American-style college or university. The Fund guides students through the application process, assisting with the selection of schools, registering for tests, etc. It targets underserved Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. The Hope Fund is highly selective and open only to Palestinian students with demonstrated financial need. Students must have high grades and strong test scores in order to qualify for a scholarship, as all scholarships are awarded by colleges and universities, not the Hope Fund. Scholarships are not guaranteed, since the financial aid decisions are made exclusively by the schools and not the Fund.

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